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GB-8316423-D0: Car-directing apparatus patent, GB-8316978-D0: Electrophoretic separator patent, GB-8317162-D0: Accelerometer pendulum support assembly patent, GB-8317530-D0: Visio-principled binocular viewfinder patent, GB-8318803-D0: Dc motor speed control patent, GB-8319036-D0: Shut-off device patent, GB-8319779-D0: Over-reach boots for horses patent, GB-8319942-D0: Pick-up head/cutter patent, GB-8320374-D0: Sheet stacking apparatus patent, GB-8320917-D0: Roller clutches patent, GB-8321206-D0: Hollow glazing units patent, GB-8321614-D0: Motor vehicle friction clutch patent, GB-8322312-D0: Seals patent, GB-8324876-D0: Chemical compounds patent, GB-8325497-D0: Assembly of piece parts patent, GB-8325838-D0: Slide fastener patent, GB-8327079-D0: Terminal holder patent, GB-8327433-D0: Safety device patent, GB-8327813-D0: Wire antenna patent, GB-8328232-D0: Desalting crude oil patent, GB-8328323-D0: Building block system patent, GB-8329601-D0: Oil drainer patent, GB-8330188-D0: Device patent, GB-8330413-D0: Information display devices patent, GB-8330968-D0: Improved complexes patent, GB-8331589-D0: Building panel patent, GB-8331914-D0: Inspection of buried pipelines patent, GB-8332907-D0: Roller bearing guide ring patent, GB-8333039-D0: Electronic clutch controlling device patent, GB-8333049-D0: Locks patent, GB-8333509-D0: Propylene block copolymers patent, GB-8333544-D0: Streptomycete host cells patent, GB-8334299-D0: Electrical terminal patent, GB-8400955-D0: Apparatus for playing game patent, GB-8400956-D0: Anchorages for track rails patent, GB-8401166-D0: Labelled polymer compositions patent, GB-8402128-D0: Potting machine patent, GB-8402261-D0: Pal colour television signals patent, GB-8402845-D0: Structure and riser cleaning equipment patent, GB-8403342-D0: Herbicidal compositions patent, GB-8403703-D0: Fibre reinforced materials patent, GB-8404422-D0: Organic compounds patent, GB-8405188-D0: Outlet adaptor patent, GB-8405490-D0: Frequency synthesised multichannel radio apparatus patent, GB-8405670-D0: Control of jets of liquid patent, GB-8406049-D0: Substituted diphenylether compounds patent, GB-8406959-D0: Powder compositions patent, GB-8407731-D0: Micellar slug for oil recovery patent, GB-8408122-D0: Silver halide photographic paper material patent, GB-8408355-D0: Power driven crane/winch patent, GB-8408521-D0: Tamper-proof poster display patent, GB-8408596-D0: Heat pump patent, GB-8409497-D0: Hazardous area instrumentations and monitoring system patent, GB-8409538-D0: Phonetic encoding system of chinese characters patent, GB-8409909-D0: Chemical compounds patent, GB-8410755-D0: Filler detector patent, GB-8410952-D0: Vehicle battery charging device patent, GB-8410983-D0: Handling beer patent, GB-8411714-D0: Generating aerodynamic lift force patent, GB-8411753-D0: Ladder support device patent, GB-8412880-D0: Tool for making joints patent, GB-8412887-D0: Treating prerigor meat patent, GB-8413033-D0: Ic engine patent, GB-8413074-D0: Landing gear for aircraft structure patent, GB-8414382-D0: Garden furniture patent, GB-8415650-D0: Tubular solar collector patent, GB-8415799-D0: Preparing fibre yarn patent, GB-8416400-D0: Wooden toys patent, GB-8418318-D0: Roofing materials patent, GB-8418498-D0: Vibration sensor patent, GB-8418619-D0: Cable jointing patent, GB-8418941-D0: Valve arrangement patent, GB-8420354-D0: Container and removable lid patent, GB-8420654-D0: Plasma jet cleaning apparatus patent, GB-8420966-D0: Filter patent, GB-8420995-D0: Universally flexible coupling patent, GB-8422644-D0: Load-bearing split ring patent, GB-8424068-D0: Rotary coupling patent, GB-8424486-D0: Producing dry-pressed moulding patent, GB-8424576-D0: Planetary transmission patent, GB-8424628-D0: Magnetic head patent, GB-8424857-D0: Information systems for tennis tournaments patent, GB-8425196-D0: Organic compounds patent, GB-8425208-D0: Vane patent, GB-8425991-D0: Combustion apparatus patent, GB-8426647-D0: Container and child resistant closure assembly patent, GB-8426725-D0: Retaining walls patent, GB-8427418-D0: Fluid flow controls patent, GB-8428062-D0: Apparatus for playing board game patent, GB-8428388-D0: Directional microphone assembly patent, GB-8428420-D0: Mechanical face seals patent, GB-8430108-D0: Axle casings patent, GB-8430974-D0: Pressure control apparatus patent, GB-8431044-D0: Tank container patent, GB-8431232-D0: Can opener patent, GB-8432672-D0: Ice cream making machine patent, GB-8500485-D0: Solenoid valve patent, GB-8501597-D0: Fiber scope patent, GB-8501986-D0: Waste disposal systems patent, GB-8502005-D0: Speed boat patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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